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What can I expect from a BSL Course?
What does it entail?

An in-depth course which will allow you to develop a good understanding of sign language and how to communicate with deaf people. The depth of your understanding will depend completely on the Level you take. To take a course in Level 2 onwards you must attain a qualification in the previous level.

Where will it take place?

Our BSL Courses take place right here in Bexley Deaf Centre or sometimes in other venues. To see which venue your course will take place at, check our courses page.

How will I be examined?

Depending on the course you are taking, you'll have to take exams throughout the course as you complete  each module. These are usually filmed exams as BSL is a visual language. You'll sometimes need to be tested on your receptive skills as well.

Still have questions? No problem! Send us an email.

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