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Volunteer Here!

At Bexley Deaf Centre, we rely heavily on the work of volunteers. Without them, it would be impossible to perform the myriad of services that we are dedicated to. It is of the utmost importance that we receive all the support that we can so that we can benefit the hearing impaired people in our community. To this end, we ask all capable to give your time and your efforts to our cause. What may be little to you can be of huge importance to the deaf community.

Many ways to help...

You can help us in many different ways, to develop new skills and put existing ones to work. Though it may be beneficial to be able to sign, it is not necessary (learn more about our sign language courses) you may pick up some signs along the way! The deaf community value the hard work that our volunteers put in!

So please, get in touch. Your help would be most appreciated!

01322 351 122

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