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British Sign Language


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British Sign Language (BSL)
at the Doctors

The video above, courtesy of the National Deaf Children's Society, shows us what it's like to go to the Doctors as a deaf BSL user.


Imagine a place where everyone speaks the same language, and you're the only one that doesn't. This is the struggle of a deaf person lost in a sea of voices that they cannot hear. BSL is the bridge that allows the profoundly deaf to communicate with the hearing, and each other. Learning it gives voice to the voiceless and contributes to greater equality for deaf and hard of hearing people.

A Day Through a Deaf Person's Eyes

In this insightful video, Ren shares with us her daily experience being deaf and the challenges she faces. Although she is using ASL, a lot of these challenges are universal.

What it's like to Read Lips

In this immersive short film by National Geographic, everyone is able to experience what it truly feels like to lip read. The eye opening video illustrates just how important it is to learn BSL in order to communicate with deaf and hard of hearing individuals. 

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