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by Jenna Bushell

These have been challenging times indeed! Since lockdown began in March, we have visited over 170 people, hand delivering batteries and retubing hearing aids in our cars to ensure minimal contact with our vulnerable service users.

Masks for the Hearing Impaired

A school in Sidcup has come to the aid of hundreds of deaf and hard of hearing people in Bexley, helping them communicate with others by making special hand-made face masks with windows which make the mouth visible.

Many people don't realise that deaf and hard of hearing people rely heavily on lip pattern and lip reading to help them follow a conversation so they need to be able to see people's lips.

Bexley Deaf Centre is a tiny local charity which has been present in the borough for over 28 years, we get very little funding and rely on fundraising and goodwill to continue to support the 24,000 people suffering with hearing loss in Bexley, the school has done us proud!

- Tania Bushell, CEO of Bexley Deaf Centre


Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School created the special masks for the Deaf Centre

The Deaf Centre is OPEN again!

We're happy to announce that the Deaf Centre has reopened! In need of Hearing Aid Batteries, Tubing or Maintenance? We're now open from 10am-3pm Monday to Friday. We've taken measures to ensure the safety of our staff and visitors - including visors and perspex screens.

We here at Bexley Deaf Centre hope you're keeping safe and well during these strange times.


The Staff and Volunteers at Bexley Deaf Centre x

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